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"Because seeing is Believing"

An image of a padlock to show that our glamping and picnic services are safe.

Worry Less. Enjoy More

We will provide you with a padlock to ensure your stuff is safe and sound so that you can have a great time without any distractions.

An image of a bed that shows comfort and luxury in our glamping and picnic services.

Say No to diSc0mFoRt

No more uncomfortable camping.

Enjoy high-quality air beds and other stylish amenities that can help enhance your camping experience.

An image of shelter indicating that our glamping and picnic tents are waterproof.

Rain or Shine. We've Got You Covered

Our tents are durable enough to overcome any weather. 100% waterproof. See it for yourself!

An image of a fork and spoon to show there are nearby eateries for our glamping and picnic services.

Delicious Eateries at East Coast Park

You can even find your favorite food and restaurants nearby.

What are you waiting for!

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