We entertain custom requests! Ask us!


Do I have to pitch the tents myself? 

Of course not! How is that even glamourous.  

Our team members will take care of this for you. It is actually similar to checking in and out of a hotel. 

We hate crowds. What can you do about this?

I mean, who likes noise, right?

We can tap into our data of places to provide you with the best of both worlds, quiet and facilities. 

Life is all about balance and the same applies to Glamping. Too secluded, and you lack facilities. Better facilities though, attracts a good crowd.


We'll help you pick your battles.And fight them!

How about big events? More than 8 pax! 

No worries for your Glamping experts are here!


Reach out to use via the chat below or email us at

How about the Camping Permit from NParks

Yes, everyone needs an NParks permit before they can camp. 

Applying for a permit is free of charge
You can do it here.


For more information, visit NParks Camping website.