Camping Permit


NParks require all tents pitched at ECP to have a valid camping permit.  The camping permit is free. Please select East Coast Park Area D.

Kindly input the start date to be 1 day before the stay and the end date 1 day after the stay on the app/website. Due to logistics and operations, we require the permit for the day before and after for setting and tearing down the tents.


(Eg. Booking is for 12th Jan. Permit start date: 11th Jan. End date 13th Jan)

Go Glamping SG pitches our tents near to car park D5. Please book the BBQ pits between BBQ pit 34 and 40 only.

For the BBQ pits, campers will only be required to book for the date of usage.

(Eg. Booking is for 12th Jan, BBQ pit booking date: 12th Jan)

*Camping permits and BBQ pits are subjected to Nparks' availability

You will be redirected to another website for this booking