Rules and Regulations

In Singapore, we are governed by regulations from NParks.

These regulations apply to anyone who intends to set up camp at one of the three camping-approved parks.

All campers will need to have their camping permits ready for any spot checks done by NParks. At Go Glamping SG, we provide you with an A4-sized ziplock bag to hold your permit. The application of the permit has to be done by you.

Camping Approved Parks

  1. East Coast Park - Area D and G.

  2. Pasir Ris Park - Area 1 and 3.

  3. West Coast Park - Designated area within Area D.

Application of Camping Permits

We have prepared a special page for you to easily book your camping permits. This page will direct you to NPark's application to book your camping permit.

Click here to book your camping permit

Remember: this camping permit is a requirement by NParks. Failure to provide the permit may result in immediate dismissal from the camping site.

Go Glamping SG takes this opportunity to clearly state that we have done our part in reminding our customers about the camping permit and to why it matters.

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